How to join
a. Any veterinarian having interest in avian science and related subjects shall be eligible for membership
b. Applications for membership shall have to be made in prescribed form to the General Secretary of WVPA-BB. The application shall be scrutinized and processed by the General Secretary and placed before the Executive Committee (EC) for approval. Once approved by the EC, the applicant shall be awarded a membership and his/her name will be registered in the 'WVPA-BB'.
c. Each member shall pay an annual subscription, which shall include both international and local subscriptions, as determined from time to time in the WVPA Central Bureau Meeting and the WVPA-BB Annual General Meeting (AGM) respectively; subscription shall have to be paid to the General Secretary of WVPA-BB. The subscription shall be payable by 30th April each year, usually for not less than for two years.
d. If two years subscriptions are in arrears, a member shall forfeit all membership rights and privileges after due notification.
e. Members wishing to resign shall notify the General Secretary before the subscription becomes due.

List of members:

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